Are you kidding me?

So there’s a new website out there that unravels the long spaghetti strands of cc’s and attachments between groups of people emailing one another.


According to

Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or some program in between, email threads can become long and unwieldy, especially when there are multiple people involved and attachments flying back and forth. CcBetty, launching today at DEMO, looks to untangle messy email threads into an easy to follow webpage, that can by created simply by adding to any email you send.

After you’ve cc’d Betty, everyone on the email thread is sent the link to what’s called the mailspace on the CcBetty site. In the mailspace, you’ll see the email thread itself, with tabs that break it down into its different parts. For example, there’s an “images” tab showing any pictures that have been attached, ‘places’ that plots any addresses on a Google Map, and “links” that break out any URLs that have been shared.

Huh? This is a perfect example of improving current processes when instead we should be changing to smarter processes by using Web 2.0 tools

Any groups that use this website need to spend an hour learning about how they can move away from email and use a wiki for collaboration instead!


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