Sharing two good blog posts: Corporate blogging tips and A to Z of new media

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a couple good blog posts with you… had an article I liked that lists 5 Tips for Corporate Blogging. Some highlights are below:

  • Be the expert
    Be the expert on tangible topics that people can understand
  • Establish a social crossroads
    Take advantage of other social tools out there and link them back to your blog
  • Don’t forget your archives
    Find a way to link back to older posts when creating new ones
  • Get into a routine
    Whatever routine you decide to do (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly), stick to it so people condition themselves to return to your site when new content will be there
  • Stand for something
    Don’t remain unbiased; make sure you’re not afraid to take a position

As a bonus this week, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the 3 minutes it takes you to check out Mark Drapeau’s post on “The A to Z of New Media” (adapted from a Marriott handout at a Washington, D.C. event called “New & Social Media: Leading the Way”)


1 Response to “Sharing two good blog posts: Corporate blogging tips and A to Z of new media”

  1. 1 Website Builder February 18, 2010 at 3:14 am

    I think a sure fire way of starting and actually maintaining a blog regulary is to find something you’re passionate about and can talk a whirlwind of. That way, blogging for you doesn’t become a bore and chore. This also makes the reader more interested in what you are saying because you put a lot of heart into it.

    Amy Cameron

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